Need to protect your family? Want the best Concealed Weapons Permit training available in Florida? You'll find it with us.

David A Maynard, NRA Certified Instructor, & Author of "The Ultimate Guide Florida Conceal Carry" & "How to Read Your Target"  

The Florida Conceal Carry Class You Need is Right Here

Nature Coast Firearms Academy is the go-to for firearms training classes in Ocala. We're certified instructors, and we offer all-inclusive courses. Enroll today!

Florida Conceal Carry Class

Fast and Simple - Complete the online Florida Conceal Carry Class quickly and conveniently without ever having to step foot in a classroom.

Reliable Source of Knowledge - Receive all the information you need to confidently exercise your Second Amendment rights and be a responsible firearms owner.

Feel Secure - After completing this class, you can rest assured that you are in compliance with state laws and know how to handle your firearm safely. 

(Live-Fire 45 min)

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Group Training Event

• Enjoy the Day - Relax, and make the most of the day. Take a break from the everyday hustle and enjoy a fun day out with your friends.

• Save Money - Save time and money when you group up for firearms training. Get special discounts for your group when you all attend at once.

• Develop Your Skills - Work on honing your accuracy, as well as developing your teamwork and camaraderie, when you get together for firearms training.

(Min 3 People)

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1 Hr Private Shooting Lessons

• Get Personalized Guidance - Have a Certified Instructor work with you one-on-one to ensure you reach your goals.

• Learn with Safety in Mind - Follow step-by-step instructions that can help you avoid common mistakes.

• Grow Your Knowledge
- Gain the confidence and accuracy you need for a lifetime of shooting safety and success. 

(up to 2 people)

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1/2 Hr Private Shooting Lessons

• Gain Confidence - Instantly build your shooting confidence with a personal and expert instructor by your side.

• Avoid Mistakes - No more guessing or risking bad habits; get it right the first time with our qualified instructors, who will ensure you understand proper safety and technique.

• Improve Accuracy - Hit more targets on the range by honing your skills with real-time feedback and tailored instruction from an experienced teacher. 

(1 Person)

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We specialize in helping people become confident gun owners, offering shooting lessons as well as concealed carry classes. Get prepared for an enjoyable time with friends at the range while feeling secure with your firearms. Join us and be confident in handling and using guns!

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